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How often do you (really) check your phone?

Last Monday kicked off 2015's big mobile industry event calendar withMobile Media Summit - San Francisco (#MMSSF15) at the Westin St. Francis in Union Square. I am super passionate about mobile and love these events because we hear firsthand how the top brands and agencies are exploring mobile.

I live and breathe mobile every day as part of my job (I work for a mobile advertising platform), and my smartphone is a huge part of my life - as it is for most of us.This trending Buzzfeed video was mentioned at the conference and explains why marketers are so in love with mobile - people are hooked to their devices!

This video made me curious... How often do I check my phone?

I downloaded two apps last Thursday night -Checky andMoment (the app mentioned in the video)- and have let them run since. Checky tells you how many times a day you check your phone. Moment tells you how many minutes you use your phone each day. 

Before I got started, I estimated that I use my phone about 2 - 2.5 hours per day and check it close to 75 times a day. Here's what I have found out so far: 

CheckyApp screenshot

I checked my phone 35 times on Friday, 44 times on Saturday, and 41 times so far today. Less than expected.

MomentApp screenshot

Friday and Saturday I was on my phone about 2.5 hours each day. Today came in at 1.5 hours.

Even though my assumption on time was correct, I'm still shocked that I am on my phone so much!

Especially 150 minutes on Friday. I am on a computer anywhere from 8-12 hours per work day, so 2 additional hours of mobile usage is pretty incredible - especially when you consider that I barely use my phone at work. One explaination might be that I've recently gotten hooked on several podcasts and listen to them on my 20-minute commute. But I'm not sure that Moment counts minutes when audio is streaming if you are not otherwise using the phone.

I will post an update later on this week when I have more data on my work week usage. In the meantime, check out these two apps if you are curious about your own mobile usage.Checky is available on iPhone and Android.Moment is currently only available for iPhone. For both apps to work, you have to keep them open on your phone. They both requre you to enable location services which drains your battery more quickly than some apps. Be sure to have a power cord on hand.

Leave a comment ortweet me at @katewalling and let me know where you come in. If you're curious what's going on in mobile, check out these tweets from #MMSSF15. You will find the entire Twitter feed from the eventhere