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Good Reads: Week of February 9

THE TECH 'TITANIC': How red-hot startup Fab raised $330 million and then went bust(Business Insider)


This article is theHatching Twitter of startup Fab. (Be sure to read NY Times writer Nick Bilton's Twitter story if you haven't already.) Fab, "the world's fastest growing startup" was a design-focused e-commerce site where you could buy unique items from design shops all over the world in a flash sale.

"How does a billion-dollar business go bust in three years? Why did investors keep giving him hundreds of millions of dollars? Over the past few weeks, we've conducted a dozen interview with people intimately familiar with Fab's business, and we asked them those very questions."


How a Ferrari Made Me a Million Bucks(Sprout Social)


As marketers we don't always think about lifestyle marketing. But this article will change that. Neil Patel starts this post off with, "Can you believe that something as silly as a car made me a million bucks? What's even funnier is that I don't even own a car or drive..."

"I've never really tested lifestyle marketing in a public form because I don't think money determines how successful a person is.... But still that leaves the question: does lifestyle marketing help you make more money? Although I hate spending money, other than to help others out, I've been testing and analyzing lifestyle marketing over the years. And the results are astonishing."


"Ikea works in a very different way to everyone else" says head of design(dezeen)


This is a very interesting interview with Ikea's design manger Marcus Engman. Marcus explains how a team of only 20 designers builds over 2,000 products a year. The interview reveals how "the Swedish flat-pack giant is using design to overhaul its reputation for 'doing cheap stuff'; how they gather feedback from customers; and, the logistics that influence production and packaging.


Interviewing sucks. Let's make it awesome. A few experiments we're trying at Medium, and what we're learning.(Life at Medium)


I love this article by Gabe Kleinman, The Wolf at Medium. That's his real job title. Gabe was previously Head of People Ops and then Head of Product Marketing. This article talks about how the interview process is broken and how Medium is experimenting to make it better for all involved. Experiments include letting candidates interview the company, a speed-dating-like 15-minute interviews with multiple people, and invitations for candidates to teach interviewers something - anything. This post reveals which of these experiments is working well and which are not. A must read for all hiring managers.


300 Awesome Free Things: A Massive List of Free Stuff Made by Awesome People(Medium)


This list was curated on +50 tech blogs & websites such as TNW, Buffer Blog, Product Hunt, Angellist, Pickcrew, Betalist, etc. While these aren't necessarily the best tools in their category, they are free and it's a very handy list. Bookmark it - you'll want to reference it later.