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Weekly Round Up: More Podcasts, "Weird Twitter" & More

Before I dive into my weekly round up, thank you for making it an awesome week! I have only been writing regularly for two and a half weeks, and last week I saw an increase of 1330+ unique visitors in 6 days. Thank you, thank you. Please send me feedback as I go!

In this weekly round up, I have a couple updates on recent blog posts:

How Often Do You Check Your Phone: An Update

everyone checks their phones

I figured out how much time I use my phone each day and how many times a day I check it in this recent blog post. I did this using two apps -Moment andChecky. I have a couple of important follow up notes:

  • Moment is counting time I spend streaming music and podcasts - which really increases my daily totals! I stream at least an hour a day (often 2-3 hours), and figuring out that stream time is included makes me less interested in the whole project. I'm mostly just curious how much time I spend in apps, texting, etc.

  • I need to experiment with this more, but I don't think Moment counts time that you are talking on your phone. Last Friday my daily total came in at only 44 minutes, but I caught up with my east coast family on the phone for ~1.5 hours.

  • It took me a week and a half to figure out that Moment also tracks the number of times you check your phone. So there is no need to run both Moment and Checky. I compared check-ins on Checky and Moment, and they're close enough. Checky came in several check-ins higher each day but there is not a significant difference. Only running one app (Moment) will really help save your battery.

8 Podcasts You Shouldn't Miss: An Update

Last week I sharedmy list of favorite podcasts. My list consists mostly of NPR, startup, tech, and design podcasts. Twitter followers and Facebook friends gave me podcast recommendations that I want to share, and I also have a couple more links for Serial fans:

Podcast Recommendations

Thanks to my friend Josh,@evansalveson,@CharlieFrid, and@TheBTeamCo for sharing these. I have not had time to listen yet but look forward to exploring. Here's what came in:

Also special thanks to@CherSeattle for sending over an awesome list of podcasts. She's been an avid podcast listener for 5+ years and she replied to my podcast list with this tweet:

 CherSeattle tweet

Talk about FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), I had to get Cheryl's recommendations! Cheryl is also a huge fan of Nerdist and here's the rest of her list (including NPR and other radio shows that are available via podcast) - thanks so much for sharing, Cheryl!

 More Serial news:

There was an interesting update in the Serial case last week. In case you missed it, check the most recent post on Serial,Update: Court of Appeals Will Hear Arguments in Adnan Syed Case.  I also found this awesome MailKimp remix that all Serial fans will appreciate :)

Other interesting topics and finds from last week:

  • On Kickstarter.

    I backedthe Brand Deck on Kickstarter this week. It's a simple branding tool created by Scott Thomas who led the design team for Obama's 2008 campaign. The deck resembles Cards Against Humanity, and actually, Max Temkin the co-creator of Cards Against Humanity helped build the "Not Safe for Work" Edition (included in some of the rewards). Check out the video on their Kickstarter page. This is a great tool to help you figure out the core characteristics of any brand, including your personal brand.

  • What is "Weird Twitter"?

    I heard about it in passing this week and was curious to find out what this meant. The Internet can explain better than I can, so startwith this Quora article. The BuzzFeed article mentioned seems to be the best source on the topic, but it's more raw than a Southern girl prefers to share so I'll let you click on it from Quora ;)

That's a wrap! Have a great holiday tomorrow and I'll be back with more next week.

Photo by Jim Pennucci