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Weekly Round Up: More Podcasts, "Weird Twitter" & More

Before I dive into my weekly round up, thank you for making it an awesome week! I have only been writing regularly for two and a half weeks, and last week I saw an increase of 1330+ unique visitors in 6 days. Thank you, thank you. Please send me feedback as I go!

In this weekly round up, I have a couple updates on recent blog posts:

How Often Do You Check Your Phone: An Update

everyone checks their phones

I figured out how much time I use my phone each day and how many times a day I check it in this recent blog post. I did this using two apps -Moment andChecky. I have a couple of important follow up notes:

  • Moment is counting time I spend streaming music and podcasts - which really increases my daily totals! I stream at least an hour a day (often 2-3 hours), and figuring out that stream time is included makes me less interested in the whole project. I'm mostly just curious how much time I spend in apps, texting, etc.

  • I need to experiment with this more, but I don't think Moment counts time that you are talking on your phone. Last Friday my daily total came in at only 44 minutes, but I caught up with my east coast family on the phone for ~1.5 hours.

  • It took me a week and a half to figure out that Moment also tracks the number of times you check your phone. So there is no need to run both Moment and Checky. I compared check-ins on Checky and Moment, and they're close enough. Checky came in several check-ins higher each day but there is not a significant difference. Only running one app (Moment) will really help save your battery.

8 Podcasts You Shouldn't Miss: An Update

Last week I sharedmy list of favorite podcasts. My list consists mostly of NPR, startup, tech, and design podcasts. Twitter followers and Facebook friends gave me podcast recommendations that I want to share, and I also have a couple more links for Serial fans:

Podcast Recommendations

Thanks to my friend Josh,@evansalveson,@CharlieFrid, and@TheBTeamCo for sharing these. I have not had time to listen yet but look forward to exploring. Here's what came in:

Also special thanks to@CherSeattle for sending over an awesome list of podcasts. She's been an avid podcast listener for 5+ years and she replied to my podcast list with this tweet:

 CherSeattle tweet

Talk about FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), I had to get Cheryl's recommendations! Cheryl is also a huge fan of Nerdist and here's the rest of her list (including NPR and other radio shows that are available via podcast) - thanks so much for sharing, Cheryl!

 More Serial news:

There was an interesting update in the Serial case last week. In case you missed it, check the most recent post on Serial,Update: Court of Appeals Will Hear Arguments in Adnan Syed Case.  I also found this awesome MailKimp remix that all Serial fans will appreciate :)

Other interesting topics and finds from last week:

  • On Kickstarter.

    I backedthe Brand Deck on Kickstarter this week. It's a simple branding tool created by Scott Thomas who led the design team for Obama's 2008 campaign. The deck resembles Cards Against Humanity, and actually, Max Temkin the co-creator of Cards Against Humanity helped build the "Not Safe for Work" Edition (included in some of the rewards). Check out the video on their Kickstarter page. This is a great tool to help you figure out the core characteristics of any brand, including your personal brand.

  • What is "Weird Twitter"?

    I heard about it in passing this week and was curious to find out what this meant. The Internet can explain better than I can, so startwith this Quora article. The BuzzFeed article mentioned seems to be the best source on the topic, but it's more raw than a Southern girl prefers to share so I'll let you click on it from Quora ;)

That's a wrap! Have a great holiday tomorrow and I'll be back with more next week.

Photo by Jim Pennucci


8 Podcasts You Shouldn't Miss

Last October, NPR's This American Life launched its first podcast spinoff, Serial.Serial is a true story told over twelve 30-60 minute episodes. One new episode was released every week and became an instant sensation...

According tothis November 13, 2014 article in the Wall Street Journal, "It's quickly become the most popular podcast in the world, according to Apple, and the fastest to reach 5 million downloads and streams in iTunes histroy. Serial is the top podcast in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Australia, and in the top 10 in Germany, South Africa and India.." It goes on to say that "Serial is downloaded an average of 1.26 million times per episode.."

I was a little late to the game but got hooked onSerial in late December. It took me a week and a half to listen to the entire series. This was the first podcast I listened to, and I was shocked at how engaging it was in audio format. After I finished Serial, I was hungry for more podcast channels and went on a search. I now listen to podcasts at least an hour or two a day, and I love having this source of inspiration and storytelling during daily commutes, workouts, and routines. 

Here is a guide to my top 8 favorite podcasts. Please tweet me@katewalling and let me know yours.

Before we dive in, Ira Glass created this video to show you how to get podcasts:


1) Serial (in case you missed it) 

SNL produced a hilarious skit around Serial. Watch it now - if you've already listened to Serial yet or not:


Here are some great follow up links if you've already finished the series. If not, come back as soon as you do:

-Exclusive: Jay, Key Witness From 'Serial' Tells His Story (FirstLook.org)

-Jay Speaks, Part 2 (FirstLook.org)

-Jay Speaks Part 3: The Collateral Damage of an Extremely Popular Podcast About Murder (FirstLook.org)

-Exclusive: Potential Alibi Witness for Convicted Murderer in 'Serial' Breaks Silence with New Affadavit (The Blaze)

According toSerial's website, Season 2 will feature a different story and will be coming sometime later in 2015. Head to their website to sign up for updates.

2) StartUp

In Startup the podcast, Alex Blumberg from This American Life documents his entire journey of building a podcasting startup. This is his first startup after many years in broadcasting, and we hear every detail of this new venture. As the podcast description notes, this is "a series about what happens when someone who knows nothing about business starts one." Like Serial, you'll want to listen to these episodes in order. Start with episode #1.   

3) Upvoted

Reddit is one of the most trafficked sites on the Internet. Members submit content (text posts or direct links) and vote submissions up or down which determines their positon on the page. Different interests are organized into "subreddits." 

Upvoted, Reddit's new podcast, launched in early January. Alex Ohanian who cofounded Reddit in 2005 tells the stories behind some of the most popular posts on Reddit and how they completely changed the authors' lives. This is very inspiring and helps you realize the strength of community on the web. Each episode is a separate story. Start from episode #0 or just dive in to any episode.

4) This American Life

Clearly I'm a fan of This American Life producers(!), and I lovethe podcast version of this show. The podcast content is the same as the radio broadcast, except you can listen at your leisure and on occasion they include extra material that had to be cut from the radio version because of time. Episodes are available for exactly one week, beginning the Monday after the broadcast.

5) HBR Ideacast

This weekly podcast features the leading thinkers in business and management from Harvard Business Review. Listen to episodes with titles that interest you. I particularly recommendEpisode #444: What Still Stifles Ambitious Women andEpisode #445: Innovation Needs a System. 

6) ReplyAll

ReplyAll is produced by Gimlet Media, Alex Blumberg's podcasting startup (see #2 above). It is a podcast about the Internet with excellent storytelling. Start with any episode.Episode #12 is about the guy whose job was to ensure the website hosting Kim Kardashian's famous picture didn't crash.Episode #7 is an interesting story about domain squatting -one of my favorite topics.Episode #9 is about Yik Yak, an app that allows users to communicate anonymously with anyone within a 10-mile radius and what one college did to handle trolling on this app. 

You'll also love their segments called "Yes, yes, no" where the hosts try to explain an internet phenomenon to Alex Blumberg and see if he understands it by the end of the segment.

7) TED Radio Hour

The TED Radio Hour is based on TED Talks given by riveting speakers on the world-renowned TED stage. Each episode is centered on a common theme - such as the source of happiness, crowd-sourcing innovation, power shifts, or inexplicable connections. Start with any episode. 

8) 99% Invisible

99% Invisible is "a tiny radio show about design, architecture & the 99% invisible activity that shapes our world." The show started as a project of KALW public radio in San Francisco and the American Institute of Architects in San Francisco and is distributed by public radio stations around the country.

They raise all the funds for this show from listeners andKickstarter. Meet Roman Mars, Creator of 99% Invisble in this video:

Enjoy listening! And please share your favorite podcast shows and episodes with me on Twitter at @katewalling.