About Kate


I’m a scrappy, southern marketer loving the west coast and all things related to branding, marketing, startups, mobile, and technology. Art, music, and pop culture fuel me. I love Twitter, finding viral videos first, dresses, and design thinking. See what inspires mehere and please reach out and say “hi!”

Anything written in this blog is strictly my opinion and not the opinion of my employer.


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Kate Walling's List of Tools

I hope you enjoy this list of tools. The list is long(!), but you will find some of my favorites in these categories:

  • Marketing Tools
  • Social Media Tools
  • Build, Create & Be Productive
  • Design, Print & Be Thoughtful
  • Email & Phone Solutions
  • Domain Tools (For Buying or Selling)
  • Payment & Invoice Solutions
  • Other Great Tools

Some of these are free while others are paid. I did not include all of my social media tools, so ping me if you want to know more in that area. These are not affiliate links - just tools I have enjoyed throughout the years. Thanks to @jlpitts for sharing her influencer tools!