About Kate


I’m a scrappy, southern marketer loving the west coast and all things related to branding, marketing, startups, mobile, and technology. Art, music, and pop culture fuel me. I love Twitter, finding viral videos first, dresses, and design thinking. See what inspires mehere and please reach out and say “hi!”

Anything written in this blog is strictly my opinion and not the opinion of my employer.

Marketing has changed.

And this is good news for small business! The days of expensive TV, radio, and print advertisements are over. The benefit does not cover the cost. Why? Because people are busy and don’t like to be interrupted. We ignore ads and choose businesses that catch our attention in a more meaningful way. 

So, what type of marketing works for small business?

Focus your marketing efforts on getting found online, building relationships with your customers and readers, and being known locally before branching out. Become an expert in your field and share insider tips and tricks with your audience. Embrace online reviewers and social media. Let your employees reveal their real personalities. Tell your customers’ stories online, embrace their feedback, and meet them in person by hosting events. These things build trust and loyalty and get people to share your information with others.

To create buzz add an element of fun to your marketing. Jump into your customer’s perspective and think of ways to make their experience with you easier to share and to talk about online.

How can I help?

I can help you create and execute a marketing plan with all of these elements. I have a team of well-connected, creative, and technical helpers, and together, we surround you and your team and make this happen:

  • Social media
  • Blogging
  • Search engine optimization
  • Email newsletters
  • Events
  • PR

Ads and trade shows can still be important in some cases. Our team supports your efforts to maximize the return. 

We market your business, help you convert your prospects to customers, and give you metrics to track marketing and campaign efforts. We can manage these efforts, or we can teach you how to do it yourself.

Can we help you if you are outside of Seattle?

Absolutely. Our model is geared to help companies throughout the country.