About Kate


I’m a scrappy, southern marketer loving the west coast and all things related to branding, marketing, startups, mobile, and technology. Art, music, and pop culture fuel me. I love Twitter, finding viral videos first, dresses, and design thinking. See what inspires mehere and please reach out and say “hi!”

Anything written in this blog is strictly my opinion and not the opinion of my employer.


Cedar Burnett, Journalist/Freelance Writer

Kate is a tour de force. She's like a magnetic ball of light and energy that naturally attracts interesting people and projects. I have no idea when she sleeps because she's constantly solving problems, building empires, advising, tweeting, blogging, and networking--with a smile and Southern charm. I absolutely love working with Kate and can't imagine why anyone wouldn't enjoy working with Kate! She's efficient, she's smart, she's conscientious, she's kind, and she's ethical--the ideal business partner.

 Jess Harper, Freelance Writer/Editor 

Kate is an energetic leader who excels at team building and creating a culture that embraces everyone's individuality. While working with her on a project at ScrappyFace, she gave excellent direction, communicating frequently and providing feedback and guidance, while encouraging creative problem solving. She was a pleasure to work with.

Derek Kalles, CEO of Kalles Group

The Scrappy Face approach is tailored smartly to the needs of the small and innovative business. Kate Walling, the CEO of Scrappy Face, has successfully leveraged her deep experience in technology and the start-up community to create a new disruptive model. This model blends social media, marketing, technology and business process to create an offering that is actually attainable for the smaller organization. Scrappy Face created a succinct but thorough strategy for Kalles Group that is already yielding fruitful results. Kate and her team are also vibrant and enjoyable individuals to work with. There is never a dull moment when we meet with the Scrappy Face team! Thank you Kate and the Scrappy Team for all the wonderful work you have done. Kalles Group is on its way to become the most innovating staffing and recruiting company in Seattle, under the expert guidance of Scrappy Face.

John Sechrest, Seattle Angel Conference

Kate and Scrappy Face were the Graphics Art support for the First Seattle Angel Conference. We were very happy with the support that we got. The Cover design was remarkable. It was easy to work with Scrappy Face and they worked great with our project timelines.

Bookda Gheisar, Executive Director at Global Washington

Scrappy Face is a very creative and innovative social media company. We enjoyed working with them and learned a lot from their expertise in this very new and rapidly changing field of work.

Joy Fisher, Entrepreneur (Advisor)

Kate is one of the most passionate, energetic, driven, and coachable entrepreneurs that I have ever encountered. She embraces her businesses with enthusiasm and commitment, and stops at nothing that might pop up to try to block her way. She is thirsty for knowledge and methods that help her improve, and was (and continues to be) a delight to know.

Laurie Jacobson, Dermatologist & Mohs Surgeon

I am a dermatologist in Seattle and needed help getting ready for a number of PR related events. Kate helped me prepare for a radio interview spot, a television interview and in the making of a marketing video. She walked me through every aspect from hair, makeup and clothing choices to props and great sound bites. Most importantly, she helped me edit my message and make it concise and effective. She is high-energy, efficient, and always willing to help at a moment's notice. Her input was critical to my PR success! 

Renay San Miguel, Editor at ECT News Network

Kate is a "sunbreak" in the perpetually rainy climate of Seattle; she is generous with her time, contacts and opportunities, and shares those with a positive, friendly attitude. She is plugged in to the local small/midsize business scene, and is able to leverage the technological changes occurring in the world of media relations on behalf of her clients. Kate is possessed by the entrepreneurial spirit, which gives her a lot of empathy with new, smaller companies looking to tell their stories to the world.

Jeannie Miller, Owner of Jeannie Miller Design

Kate and I have know each other for almost 10 years. She actually hired me as a graphic designer in 2004 to help her design the look of Secret Ingredients. Kate is very professional and easy to work with. She knows what she wants and how to get the most from me as a designer. Secret Ingredients has been some of the most creative work that I've done in my career and I really enjoyed the project and working with Kate.

Kristi Bennitt, Accounting Professional & Virtual Assistant

Kate is an amazing, smart, savvy individual. She knows what is needed and how to get it done, no matter what the challenge. She is an inspiration and a pleasure to work with.

Bevin B. Cooper Farkas, Owner bumble B design

Kate Walling at Scrappy Face has provided invaluable insight into SEO, website design for e-commerce, and social media marketing for my gift company, bumble B design. Moreover, she's fun to work with!