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Growth Strategist  |   Marketing Project Director

Full Stack Marketing Services, Brand Strategy, Demand Generation & Media

Creative, technically-sophisticated marketer and entrepreneur who builds innovative brands and marketing programs for growing companies. Excellent interpersonal and communications skills, able to lead multifunctional teams through complex projects and grow relationships with key clients and vendors. Dedicated to finding unique ways to differentiate products, attract key audiences, and create compelling, brand-driven stories. Self-starter and empowering collaborator, known for energizing teams, ideas, and stories in ways that attract clients and propel profitable results.


Engaging Collaborator  |  Product Vision & Development  |  Project Implementations

Brand Awareness  |  Relationship Building  |  Expanding Sales Pipelines 
B2B/B2C Creative Services  |  Award-Winning Brand Development  |  Agile Marketing



2017 - 2018

2013 - 2017


2009 - 2013


2004 - 2009


Founder & CEO   |   Traction Hero   

Advisor   |   Aptascan Inc.

Co-Founder, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer   |   Beledor

Director, Marketing |   Thinknear by Telenav   ​​

Graduate of Silicon Valley Tech Accelerator   ​​

Founder & CEO   |   Scrappy Face (a Seattle marketing agency)

Director of Sales & Marketing   |   Lilipip Inc. 

Founder & CEO |  ​​


Print   |   Power Culture Magazine, Medium

TV   |   Seattle King 5 News, Chicago ABC7, Tucson ABC9, Asheville ABC13

Radio   |   WFON, KWYR, KWRE, WACH, KGNO, Sirius' The Good Life

Featured Speaker   |   Association for Women in Communications,

Conceivan Startup Lab,Crave Seattle