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Marketers & Founders, I need your help!

Hello Friends! I am very excited to announce that my next startup, Traction Hero, is under way! You can read all about my vision here.

It can be very challenging for marketers and teams to find the best creative and strategic freelance talent. Agencies are often too expensive and their talent turnover can be high. Talent agencies don't always have the talent you need, and online platforms often don't have trained experts.

Our goal with Traction Hero is to build an upscale online agency where marketers and teams connect directly with the talent they need. Senior level consultants nail strategy, and Traction Heroes are trained to execute the work with the best practices we have learned throughout the years.

If you are curious and want to hear this startup story as it happens, shoot me a quick email at kate [at] Or just sign up for my newsletter through my website.


It is critical that I have a deep understanding of how senior level marketers and funded startups are finding their marketing talent and the challenges they face. If you are a marketer or founder, I'd love your feedback. It will take only 4 minutes to fill out my survey - or if you prefer, shoot me an email and let's talk via phone! To get started on the survey, just click the start button below. Thanks a million!

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