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SheVentures Podcast Interview

SheVentures is a new podcast by Doria Lavagnino that features bold women who share the story behind their career journeys. Doria is the president and co-founder of financial education company CentSai Inc. Before her time at CentSai, she spent many years at Condé Nast and Hearst as a journalist.

I sat down for an interview with Doria several weeks ago, and we had a long talk about my entrepreneurial journey, my time in Silicon Valley, and what is to come with Traction Hero. Doria is a great interviewer - thanks Doria!


Originally posted on SheVentures

Kate Walling knew entrepreneurship was in her blood. At 24, she cooked up a digital recipe startup long before Nailed It became a family pastime. Then 2008 happened.

Enough said.

Originally from the deep South, Walling moved to rainy Seattle to build a boutique consulting agency, Scrappy Face. The company thrived, but her personal life got complicated as she faced divorce. And did we mention the rain?

Walling had her “screw it” moment and left both her business and Seattle to experience Silicon Valley.

Her latest venture, Traction Hero, is an agency solving high-growth companies’ marketing challenges. Listen to the twists and turns of Walling’s life and how she came out on top in this episode of SheVentures.

Start listening today:

Or click play below!


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