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For many senior level marketers, finding talent can be frustrating. Agencies are incredibly expensive, have very high turnover, and don't give you direct access to talent. Talent agencies create more middle man paperwork and process and often don't have what you are looking for. And finding solid contractors is very hard. Not to mention the pain of getting all your agencies and contractors on the same page. 

Traction Hero Inc. is being built to fix this problem - and also to address the issue that very talented people are burning out of corporate roles and want a higher quality of life but still want interesting projects. Our ultimate goal is to eventually make becoming a consultant less risky - providing benefits of full time employment. 

In the meantime, our goal is to bring curated, tested, and trained talent to marketing teams and companies. Click the link above to sign up for updates on our progress. 


If you've been a marketer long enough, you know that certain tasks just need to be done a certain way. And there is process to onboarding new people and finding talent who gets it.

Traction Hero will make the process of finding the talent you need and the time to get them up to speed much faster. We will provide both senior level marketing consultants and Traction Heroes who are incredibly well-trained to get the work done correctly - whether it's growing your social media, writing content, or delivering an email campaign or awesome client swag. Email me below if you would like to join our beta.


We are on the lookout for marketing strategists, consultants, and creatives of all types and in any location. Please send me an email below if you would like to hear more. We need both generalists and very specific areas of expertise - Marketo and Salesforce consultants and Amazon affiliate experts, for example. 

Our build out will take some time, but our goal is to get our clients working with amazing talent quickly. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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