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I am a technically-sophisticated and creative marketer with 18 years of experience accelerating revenue, growth, and brand value with cutting edge strategies, programs, and channels. I help high growth technology companies build differentiated brands, develop  innovative  marketing strategies , and build out high-performing marketing teams quickly.

I have excellent interpersonal and communications skills and am able to lead multifunctional teams through complex projects. Contact me if you are looking for an empowering consultant who energizes teams, ideas, and stories to help you attract customers and  increase profitable results.


Clients include:

Elemeno Health (B2B SaaS) 

SiFive (B2B semiconductor) (auto e-commerce)

A variety of B2B companies including healthcare, legal tech, fintech, professional services, and more

i love that you


(get shit done)

I'll help you build a team that does.
(Or you can use mine.)
Kate Walling Testimonial | Hilary Maitland
Hilary Maitland
VP Ad Sales Marketing Strategy, Fandango

Kate is one of those marketers that you want to work with from the moment you meet her. It only takes moments to see how bright and knowledgable she is. Once you start working with her you know that she has thought through each issue and is proposing a plan for success. Kate was a peer, a mentor, and partner during the time I worked with her at Thinknear. Easily moving between those roles....Working with her will not only fulfill your business goals; it will be a pleasure and inspiration.

Kate Walling Testimonial | Diane Anderson
Diane Anderson
Founder, WordPlay Inc.

I worked with Kate when Thinknear was a client of mine. She is an organized and optimistic leader—an ideal combo in a collaborator. She's a great communicator who understands what it takes to generate buzz. She worked with her team to come up with newsworthy research and let us know of any speedbumps well in advance. Kate's a real pleasure to work with!

Kate Walling Testimonial | Cedar Burnett
Cedar Burnett

Kate is a tour de force. She's like a magnetic ball of light and energy that naturally attracts interesting people and projects. I have no idea when she sleeps because she's constantly solving problems, building empires, advising, tweeting, blogging, and networking--with a smile and Southern charm. I absolutely love working with Kate and can't imagine why anyone wouldn't enjoy working with Kate! She's efficient, she's smart, she's conscientious, she's kind, and she's ethical--the ideal business partner.


Mountain View, California.

kate [at]

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Thank you! I will be in touch soon!

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