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New Directions

As entrepreneurs, we rarely take the time to stop, and if we do stop, it's not without checking our Blackberrys every ten minutes. Earlier this month I went on my first "no technology" trip in 6 years! I traveled through Tunisia, riding camels in the Sahara (Douz) and bargaining with rug dealers in Kairouan.

This trip was perfect timing. Five months before, I made the decision to close my first startup, These last five months have been a mixture of freedom, sadness, curiosity, relaxation, worry and excitement, and this trip helped me with the process to move on to my next phase.

This phase that I'm beginning is going to be busy, but not in the same ways that Secret Ingredients was. I will continue my consulting work, helping businesses embrace digital marketing. I have also accepted the position of Director of Sales & Marketing at Lilipip! Studios, a company that specializes in doing cheap, fast, and outstanding (yes, all three) animated marketing videos.

Over the next several months, I will be performing some marketing tests through all of these endeavors, and I will share the results with you. In the meantime, feel free to ping me if you're in Seattle and want to talk about marketing, video, digital, or anything else!

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