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How to Choose the Best CRM

The Traction Hero team has been analyzing martech tools to bring our clients and fans reports that help them make the best decisions for their teams. The number of martech tools is overwhelming, and very few people have the time it takes to analyze and demo all of them. We hope to make the journey easier for you.

Our CRM report is now available!

The number of CRMs on the market has increased dramatically. Gone are the days of setting up complex CRMs that require training, expensive customizations, and ongoing budget for outsourced expertise. New CRMs meet your team where they are. Many have mobile features and apps that make everything easier for salespeople out in the field. Some CRMs have auto-dial, one-click voicemails, and predictive dialing to help your Inside Sales reps. And several CRMs operate right out of GSuite, making it fast and easy to add and update contact files from your inbox.

We originally wrote this report for startups, but it really applies to companies of all sizes. We believe the future is about deploying more than one CRM, allowing each team to have the tool that works best for their function. The obstacle for marketers is to use advanced integrations to have a central sync point for all data or sophisticated operational processes to execute marketing campaigns. Our new CRM report analyzes twelve of the top CRMs, including Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Copper, Zoho, Close, Insightly, Nimble, Agile CRM, Alore, Less Annoying CRM, and Mixmax. Our CRM tool recommendations are broken down into categories to help you navigate the best options for your team. The categories are Simple, Sales- Focused, Technically Advanced, and Do-It-All. We also include Pricing & Feature Comparison and Integration Comparison Tables.

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Our marketing automation and website development reports are launching very soon. Stay tuned, or feel free to email me if you would like a copy.


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