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Art, Exploitation, And A Hungry Niche Market

We learn from those who surround us. They inspire us; they teach us; and eventually, they influence who we become. And it is natural for us to use what we learn from others in our careers to better ourselves. Take the relationship between Picasso and Matisse as an example. These two artists were completely different in style and personality. And while their relationship was competitive, it enriched their work and expanded the modern art movement.

But where are the boundaries of learning from one another? Is your work original if you learn by watching others but never experience the pitfalls yourself? Is it wrong to exploit the work of others? And if you do this successfully, is it obvious that your work has less value?

The documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop explores the world of street art and exploitation. This often happens in the business world. Is it telling of our culture or of human dynamics and drive?

Watch this documentary and leave your comments below. You can stream it on Netflix.

Thank you to Molly for entertaining us with thought-provoking films as we enjoy a winter snow storm in the South.

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