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Scrappy Face Thank You's & A New Journey

It's been a long time, blog. And my life has changed. I have launched, grown, and closed a business since my last post. I have also moved from Seattle to the Silicon Valley, made a major career change, and been through a divorce. Saying bye to Scrappy Face was a hard decision. It was a viable business with an amazingly fun team and great clients, and I had big plans for it. Just as I experienced with my first startup, Secret Ingredients, there were moments of luck, chaotic growth, lessons learned and lots of iteration and pivots. Scrappy Face had a special culture that brought out the creative imaginations of all involved.

Scrappy Face collage

In the midst of the fast growth, I found myself in the midst of a divorce. Like any hardship, divorce robs you of yourself for a while, and owning a business demands the exact opposite of you. It requires you to be confident and charismatic. I came out changed on the other side with a new perspective.

My ambition certainly has not changed.

My dreams are just as big. But it became clear that I wanted a break from entrepreneurial stress, and I wanted to fulfill my ambition in a different way. I wanted to be part of an incredibly talented team working on the edge of technology. I struggled to find the role and team in Seattle, and ultimately I looked south to one of the leading hubs of innovation and a valley where the sun shines most of the time.

Offers were made for Scrappy Face and the brand before I left for California. But I kept it all. I’ll hold on to Scrappy Face, just like I’ve held on to my database of 42,000 recipes. Who knows what the future holds!

I will tell you more about my new journey in my next post. Before I go there, I want to thank everyone who helped build Scrappy Face. Scrappy would never have been such an amazing journey without the people involved, and I feel lucky to have worked with you all. Some of you were full or part time; others were contractors who shared your talents with our team whenever we needed you.

Huge thanks to…

Zak Alexander, Inna Borovik, Heather Bansemer, Kristi Bennitt, Laura Kimball, Britt Bertolucci Cao, Carissa Garrard, Meli Duque, Jessica Harper, Cedar Burnett, Erica Stolman, David Hoang and the Xhatch team, Josh Harrison, Renay San Miguel, Sarah Whitfield, Eric Ross, Kelly Clay, Katherine Bontrager, Ashley Staeyart, Elisa Mader, Randy Woods, Courtney Strand, Caitlin Moriarity, Johnny Dunn, The Name Inspector, Melissa Kowalchuk, Su Ring, Valentina Vitols, Rudy Lopez, and Rachel Rausch Johnson.

I have been lucky to have advisors at my side throughout my ten years of entrepreneurship. Many thanks to Michael who helped me with Scrappy Face at every turn. Derek and Shawn, thank you for many hours of support and guidance as well. The 42nd floor would never have been the same without you!

Leaving Seattle was a hard decision.

She is one of the prettiest cities in the world on a sunny day, and I have so much love for my Seattle friends and colleagues. But I have chosen to always follow my heart, no matter where it takes me or how hard it is to say goodbye… and apparently my heart loves new challenges, adventures, and cultures :)

Seattle collage

Thank you to my parents and my best friends, Jen and Sarah, for staying by my side through it all - no matter where I land geographically. You guys are amazing.

To learn more about Scrappy Face, check out our scrappy creative videos on YouTube and our photos on Instagram and Facebook.

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